Community development

The community development project at Chinnakuppam stemmed from the desire to help families that had been struck by the tsunami of 2004.

Rural development

CMCT’s rural development projects in Chittoor, Kastur and Kodaikanal seek to empower local women to earn a steady income.

Leprosy rehabilitation

CMCT has adopted three leprosy colonies in the district of Chengalpet. The programs focus on the holistic rehabilitation of leprosy survivors and their families,

HIV-AIDS rehabilitation

CMCT helps over 300 families of HIV/AIDS patients across three districts of Tamil Nadu. The main motive of the programs

Wheelchair distribution

CMCT distributes about 40 wheelchairs every month to those who are handicapped through its partnership with FWM in USA.

Agricultural unit

An experimental project in its trial phase, CMCT’s agricultural unit supports around 12 local farmers in the district of Chennai.

Self Help Groups

Over 500 women have been empowered through the self-help groups that operate in various parts of Tamil Nadu.